Product News: Advion Introduces the expression Compact Mass Spectrometer

03 Oct 2012

Advion Inc., a leading life sciences Systems and Consumables developer, introduces the expression Compact Mass Spectrometer (CMS). It is approximately half the size, and half the price, of existing single quadrupole mass spectrometers on the market.

The expression CMS is designed for the discovery research and process development synthetic organic chemistry market. Compact enough to operate in fume hoods and space-restricted laboratories, these chemists now have direct access to identify, monitor and confirm compounds rapidly as they are created in the reactor. Moreover, the personal single quadrupole mass spectrometer allows for rapid compound confirmation in normal phase chromatography fractions.

Traditionally, chemists initiate a multi‐hour reaction and periodically withdraw samples for analysis in an open access mass spectrometry lab. The remote analysis takes hours, decreasing the usefulness of the information and building workflow inefficiencies. Additionally, large numbers of normal phase purification fractions are generated and add to the central lab burden, further slowing vital feedback. Available systems are too complex, costly, large and lack design elements to be used in a hood next to the reaction. The expression CMS is easy to use with an intuitive software package. The combination of a small footprint (< 11 inches wide) and critical design features which permit operation within a fume hood, or next to existing bench instrumentation, conserve valuable laboratory space.

“This group of chemists has been largely underserved and Advion has a wealth of experience in mass spectrometry applications in small molecule, natural product and peptide chemistry,” says Simon Prosser, VP of Marketing. “Current single quadrupole mass spectrometers have significantly more analytical power than required by our target customers, are too large to work optimally in a hood - - and customers have been forced to pay for unneeded functionality. We have created a product with the reaction ground zero in mind – the fume hood - and coupled it with excellent performance, a smaller footprint and, an attractive price. We are putting the power of mass spectrometry where they need it most – next to the reactor.”