Product News: C6 Flow Cytometer: Flow Cytometry Within Reach

16 May 2011

Accuri Cytometers will highlight the C6 Flow Cytometer System®. The C6 Flow Cytometer features 2 lasers, 2 scatter and 4 fluorescence detectors. Designed to work well with current protocols and reagents, the C6 is a high-performance flow cytometer, simplified.

Accuri Cytometers, Inc. is a life sciences company developing and marketing revolutionary high-performance cell-analysis systems designed to bring the power of flow cytometry into life science and biomedical labs everywhere. Reflecting the input of hundreds of researchers, the C6 Flow Cytometer is a full-featured bench-top cell and bead analysis system that provides similar capabilities to those of industry-leading flow cytometers in an easy-to-use format and at a fraction of their cost.

The Accuri system was engineered from the start to be compact, powerful and user-friendly, while also being affordable by most research laboratories. The CSampler® adds simple, reliable and user-friendly automation to the C6 Flow Cytometer System. For more information, please visit the company article page.

Learn how Accuri Cytometers can enable your research at booth #1445

In addition, attend the Accuri Cytometers Poster Presentation:

Title: Simple, Rapid Assessment of Bacterial Growth in Water Using a Small, Portable, Commercial Flow Cytometer

Authors: Marie Dinkelmann, Stacey Roys, Clare Rogers
Time: Monday, May 23, 1:00 - 2:45 PM
Abstract Number/Poster Board Number: 1731
Location: Poster Hall