Product News: ANALYSETTE 28 for Measurement of Particle Shape and Size with Dynamic Image Analysis

27 Jun 2012

The new FRITSCH ANALYSETTE 28 does not only measure the particle size but also supplies reliable statements about the particle shape, via Dynamic Image Analysis – fast, easy and individually adaptable to any specific task. This is ensured by the integrated high-performance camera with 5 megapixels, telecentric lenses as well as the provided comprehensive library with numerous shape parameters. This makes both models of the ANALYSETTE 28 the ideal measuring instruments for easy quality control in various areas of application – and is the fast alternative to sieving.
The two new models of the ANALYSETTE 28 at a glance:

For fast analysis of particle shape and size of powders and bulk solids in an extra-wide measuring range 20 µm – 20 mm
• High-performance camera with 4 lenses
• Comprehensive library for morphological analysis
• Practical tools for reliable quality monitoring
• Easy operation due to SOP control and report generator

For equipping your ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer, choose between four different, easy interchangeable telecentric lenses. The measuring range can be optimally adapted to the measuring task by selecting the suitable lens. The instrument recognizes the selected lens and confirms the selected measuring range.

The feed rate of the sample on the conveyance channel is according to the material automatically adjusted by AutoCheck, and saved in the SOP. In order to guide the sample material precisely into the measuring cell at the optimum depth of field even under rapid conveying conditions, the feeder chute can be simply adjusted with a dial.

For fast analysis of particle shape and size in suspensions and emulsions in the measuring rage of 1 µm – 2 mm
• 5 lenses for automatic adaptation of the measuring range
• Comprehensive library for morphological analysis
• Practical tools for reliable quality monitoring
• Easy operation due to SOP control and report generator

The lens revolver of the ANALYSETTE 28 ImageTec is equipped with 5 telecentric high-performance lenses which adjust completely automatically. The optimal lens required for the desired measuring range is simply selected using the input mask and can be saved in the SOP.
For dispersion, the sample material or the emulsion to be analyzed is pumped through the measuring cell in a closed liquid circulation system. The illuminated ultrasonic bath with freely adjustable ultrasonic-intensity ensures optimal dispersion - and the powerful centrifugal pump with individually variable speed ensures optimal transport of the sample through the measuring circuit.

Even evaluation of the measuring results is uniquely simple with the ANALYSETTE 28. The brilliant idea behind this: The analysis image shows all the particles in the form of a cloud – the FRITSCH Cloud. It offers many more possibilities for recognizing the most important measurement statements at a glance. Regardless of whether you would like to display the oversized grains – with an extremely low detection limit or the single image analysis for direct measurement of each particle from each individual image or you would like to display agglomerates, which are recognized and can be specifically separated during evaluation.

Even external images, for example from a microscope, can be loaded in the evaluation software and evaluated without problems.

Its x-axis and y-axis can be freely defined from an extensive library of shape parameters and adapted exactly to each task. For direct visual evaluation: brilliantly simple and flexible.