Product News: Guaranteed Knockdown for siRNA Gene Silencing

16 Aug 2012

AMSBIO has announced its new Trilencer-27 siRNA kit, that contains Dicer-Substrate duplexes, provides critical improvements over the use of traditional 21mer siRNA designs.

Gene silencing through the use of RNAi has become a primary tool for characterizing gene involvement in disease states and interactive pathways. Offering genome-wide coverage against human, mouse and rat, the AMSBIO Trilencer-27 siRNA kit takes advantage of the natural processing by Dicer to produce 10-fold higher potency and specificity than shorter 21mer RNAi forms. Beneficially the 27mer dicer-substrate duplexes in the kit also evade the radar of the mammalian interferon response when expressed in mammalian cells and initiate strong and specific gene silencing.

Through its optimal design (3 gene specific siRNAs and 1 negative control) - Trilencer-27 siRNA uniquely delivers the dual advantages of improved efficacy (>70% gene knockdown) and minimal interferon response.