Product News: AB SCIEX Drives 6500 Series to Top of Triple Quadrupole Market

17 Jun 2013

AB SCIEX will marked the one-year anniversary of the introduction of the AB SCIEX 6500 series by bringing together more than a thousand mass spectrometry users to share insight, data and experiences with what has now become the industry’s top-selling, high-end triple quadrupole.

The AB SCIEX 6500 has been installed in hundreds of laboratories around the world in less than a year, ranging from pharmaceutical companies to academic institutions to applied scientific laboratories. Responding to growing market demand for next-generation technology for quantitation, AB SCIEX will reveal brand new data on the 6500 series at its Users Meeting on Sunday, June 9, just hours before the start of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) conference in Minnesota.

The 6500 system is a high-performance triple quadrupole with high sensitivity. Differentiating this instrumentation is the QTRAP® version for integrated quantitative and qualitative analysis as well as SelexION™ Differential Mobility Separation Technology, which adds yet another dimension of selectivity for analyzing complex samples.

“Customers have been using the 6500 system in their lab for almost a year now and the feedback has been tremendously positive,” said Markus Lusser, Vice President of Global Sales and Customer Support at AB SCIEX. “Providing leading-edge technologies to innovators to help advance their research is highly motivating and a reason why AB SCIEX continues to push the limits in our innovation pipeline of new products.”

Dr. Jenny Van Eyk at Johns Hopkins University is an innovator who is seeking to identify and validate new biomarkers for potentially using in the clinic. Focused on advancing heart and vascular disease research, she is analyzing thousands of samples in her validating program to assess which protein targets could have the most clinical utility. Dr. Van Eyk will be speaking at the AB SCIEX Users Meeting to discuss automated workflows for targeted quantitative proteomics.

The AB SCIEX Users Meeting on Sunday focused on celebrating the success of hundreds of customers, including over 30 scientists who presented. These customers have been able to advance their scientific pursuits through the use of the 6500 system as well as other AB SCIEX platforms. Among the speakers were: Ruedi Aebersold (ETH Zurich); Jeffrey Whiteaker (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center); Paul Moench (Novartis); Brendon Kapinos (Pfizer); Mingshe Zhu (Bristol Myers Squibb); Todd Mitchell (University of Wollongong); among 20+ others.