Product News: Extended Spectrum for Quantitative Fluorescence Imaging

30 Mar 2012

89 North™ has announced the release of the PhotoFluor II NIR®, the newest member of the PhotoFluor family of light sources designed for quantitative fluorescence imaging. The PhotoFluor II NIR features an extended spectrum to supply light across between 360 nm to 800 nm from a DC-stabilized, self-aligning Metal-Halide lamp and spectrally matched liquid light guide.

Infrared imaging minimizes the intrinsic autofluorescence of animal and plant tissue, effectively reducing background. Longer wavelengths also scatter less within tissue enabling imaging at focal planes deeper in the tissue. A range of deep red and near infrared fluorescent probes are available including Cy7®, IRDye 800®, AlexaFluor 750® and the NIR emitting fluorescent protein, iRFP1. As a result whole animal imaging, tissue imaging and cellular imaging in highly autofluorescent cell types can be performed with much higher signal to noise. With high output to 800 nm, the PhotoFluor II NIR is the ideal light source for these infrared imaging applications.