Product News: 89 North Introduce the Heliophor™ Fluorescence Illumination System

21 Apr 2011

The Heliophor from 89 North, Inc. is a pumped-phosphor, fluorescence illumination system designed for a wide range of fluorescence imaging applications including:

• Multichannel live cell imaging
• High content screening
• Quantitative fluorescence imaging
• High speed, ratiometric imaging

The pumped-phosphor design has all of the advantages of conventional solid state illumination systems, including high speed digital switching, stable output intensity and extremely long lifetimes. However, where other solid state illumination systems have lower intensity in the green and red regions of the spectrum, the Heliophor has excellent output in those and also in other wavelength regions.

The Heliophor comes equipped with a host of standard features that others charge for as “extras”. These include:

User exchangeable modules

Up to 6 modules can be installed per system
Ideal for core facilities

Easy field installation/exchange of modules by user
Easily reconfigure system for different experimental protocols

For more information, visit the company article page.