Product News: 89 North Announces The Heliophor Pumped-Phosphor Light Engine for Quantitative Fluorescence Imaging

06 Dec 2010

Visit 89 North to learn more about the Heliophor™ next generation light engine for fluorescence imaging. It uses a revolutionary pumped-phosphor design that offers all of the benefits of current solid state light sources including stable output intensity, high speed digital shuttering and long lifetimes while offering extremely high power output at wavelengths currently unavailable with standard systems. This makes the Heliophor an ideal solution for a wide range of fluorescence imaging applications.

The Heliophor has several additional features setting it apart from other solid state light sources. First, it supports up to 6 user-exchangeable modules. This means that a user can buy a 3-color system today and add additional modules themselves as required. No need to send the system back to the factory just to add modules. The system also includes an advanced control interface. It can be controlled through a simple USB interface, either TTL or analog voltages or through an advanced programming interface that allows for a complex series of actions in response to a range of inputs allowing the system to be used as both master and slave. Finally, the system includes real-time optical feedback and a system wide calibration feature to ensure consistent light output over the life of the system.

Visit booth 915 for additional information and a demonstration.