Product News: 89 North® Announces the Release of the PhotoFluor LM-75 Light Source for Fluorescence Microscopy

30 Sep 2013

89 North proudly announces the release of the PhotoFluor LM-75, the world’s first, direct-mounted, metal-halide light source for fluorescence microscopy. The PhotoFluor LM-75 features extremely quiet operation, high intensity at the specimen plane and a DC-stabilized, user-exchangeable lamp requiring no user alignment. The internal ballast eliminates the need for an external control box, thus reducing required bench space.

An ideal light source for fluorescence imaging should have excellent output power and stability at the specimen plane across a wide spectral range, should be easy to use and maintain, and should have a low up-front cost and a low overall cost of ownership. The PhotoFluor LM-75 is all this and more. By eliminating the liquid light guide, the PhotoFluor LM-75 has removed a fragile and costly consumable from the lab that has long been the source of problems for users.

89 North, a subsidiary of Chroma Technology Corp based in Burlington, VT, focuses on developing innovative products to improve fluorescence imaging for the life sciences. Our light sources, including the Heliophor, PhotoFluor II and PhotoFluor II NIR, produce ultra-stable, high-intensity illumination for quantitative fluorescence imaging.