Product News: 'All-in-One' Gel Electrophoresis System Launched

16 Jan 2012

Currently laboratories normally use many separate devices and instruments to perform gel electrophoresis, including the electrophoresis chamber, power supply, staining bath, UV desk, documentation device (Polaroid or CCD camera) and a system for data storage, all of which require a lot of bench-space and impede smooth workflow. An innovative stand-alone molecular diagnostics instrument, the CyFox, is now available, which incorporates everything necessary to carry out gel electrophoresis in a single instrument.

The fully integrated system is user-friendly and very compact (210 x 210 x 227mm), and the running gels can be monitored and visualised in real-time during the entire course of the analysis. In addition, the company is offering a wide range of dedicated reagents and consumables for gel electrophoresis in combination with the CyFox, including reagents for HIV, CMV, Hepatitis, TB, malaria and many other applications.

For more information please see the company website.