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UV to White Light Converter Plate UV/W Plate  
UV to white light converter plates.  A specially designed plate converts a transilluminator's ultraviolet radiation to white light for viewing protein gels, coomassie blue stained or silver...
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UV Viewing Cabinets  
Chromato-Vue® Viewing Cabinets from UVP provide a darkroom environment for viewing materials. The comfortable soft rubber viewport utilizes a contrast control viewing filter. This filter...
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UV/White Light Transilluminators  
UV/White Transilluminators house white light and UV working areas side by side. Key Features: Models available include longwave UV/white light, midrange UV/white light or...
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UVX Radiometers  
This digital UVX Radiometer is used with one of the three interchangeable sensors (ordered separately) for measuring 254nm, 365nm and 302nm UV wavelengths.  Measurement of lamp irradiance...
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Visi-Blue Plates  
The Visi-Blue Plates convert 302nm to 480nm blue light for use with SYBR Green, SYPRO Orange and GFP stains.
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Visi-Blue Transilluminators  
Visi-Blue™ Transilluminators convert 365nm UV light to 480nm blue light. Key Features: Visi-Blue Transilluminators are designed for use with Gel Star, Vistra Green, SYBR Green,...
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VisionWorks™ LS Analysis Software  

3 out of 5

New! VisionWorksLS Image Acquisition and Analysis Software is designed as a sophisticated software package for 1D analysis of gels, plates and membranes as well as colony counting. The...
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