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Indicator Autoclave Bag  
Specifically designed for contaminated waste disposal in autoclaves or incinerators Suitable for sterilisation at 121°C Convenient "tissue box" cartons dispense bags individually ...
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Primary Urine Tube  
With the increase in adoption of automated urine screening, Sterilin offers a range of CE marked 95kPa compliant primary urine collection tubes, available either empty or pre-dosed with...
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QuickStart 30ml Universal Container  
The 30ml Universal Container has a ‘QuickStart’ cap which is much easier to handle and also offers leak free performance. The 30ml Universal container is used extensively across many...
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Shortie Pipettes  
With a length clearly shorter than standard product, the Sterilin 5ml and 10ml shortie pipettes offer significant advantages when working in confined spaces such as laminar air flow...
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Sterilin BenchGuard  
Sterilin BenchGuard is available in an economical bench pack quantity of 100 sheets. This option is not only lighter on the budget but is also more environmentally...
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