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chemagic 360  
Introducing the revolutionary chemagic 360. Providing unparalleled sample volume flexibility and productivity for nucleic acid isolation without compromising your results. Built...
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chemagic MSM I  
Based on PerkinElmer patented magnetic bead technology the chemagic Magnetic Separation Module I (chemagic MSM I) is an ideal solution for isolating nucleic acid from a variety of sample...
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chemagic Prepito-D  
The chemagic Prepito-D is based on PerkinElmer’s proven technology for magnetic bead based DNA/RNA isolation and represents the top quality sample preparation system available as a...
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JANUS chemagic Workstations  
The JANUS® chemagic Integrated Workstations (MSM1 and 360i models) combine best-in-class magnetic bead nucleic acid isolation technology with a fully-flexible automated liquid handler. ...
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JANUS NGS Express  
Sample preparation is the key to high quality data for nucleic acid sequencing. Protocols for benchtop sequencers are complex multi-step methods requiring precise execution. Errors...
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Next Generation Sequencing Services  
PerkinElmer is a NGS service provider you can trust to deliver consistent, high quality next generation sequencing and bioinformatics. We believe that trust is earned, not given.
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