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Bradford - Protein Assay Kit  
B-Pak, is a straightforward and rapid procedure for determining the concentration of protein in solution. Thanks to an optimized Bradford reagent formulation, B-Pak gives precise...
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CombiMag improves your transfection reagent efficiency CombiMag reagent has been designed to be employed in association with all transfection reagents complexed with any types of...
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Powerful transfection reagent, based on an innovative biochemical method. Next generation of outstanding transfection reagent,  highly efficient, universal and multipurpose.
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FlyFectin ™ is a specifically designed and very efficient transfection reagent for insect cells. Innovative and unique, FlyFectin ™ is: •  Highly efficient with...
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Lullaby - siRNA transfection reagent  
Lullaby® - siRNA transfection reagent is the ideal reagent dedicated to the transfection of siRNA. Based on an innovative technology, this new lipid-based reagent achieves extremely...
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For all nucleic acids and all transfection conditions. The universal and powerful PolyMag formulation allows achieving very high transfection efficiency. It is composed by magnetic...
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SilenceMag is the most efficient siRNA delivery system available. Simple, rapid and easy to use, serum compatible and non toxic. Specifically designed for siRNA delivery, SilenceMag allows...
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VeroFect ™ is a powerful reagent dedicated to the transfection of Vero cells. This lipid -based transfection reagent is issued from the revolutionary Tee-Technology and achieves...
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Issued from Magnetofection™ technology, ViroMag is a specific formulation designed to be used in association with all viral vectors and for many transduction applications. For...
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