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Ion AmpliSeq™ Exome Kit  
The Ion AmpliSeq™ Exome Kit enables the fastest and simplest method of exome enrichment to accelerate your human disease research, producing exome libraries in under 6 hours with less than...
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Ion PGM™ 200 Sequencing Kit  
The new Ion PGM™ 200 Sequencing Kit is an integral component of the Ion Personal Genome Machine™ (PGM™) sequencing platform and single-day sequencing workflow, designed to sequence...
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Ion PGM™ Dx System  
Introducing the next-generation sequencing system for the molecular diagnostic laboratory. The Ion PGM™ Dx Instrument System* will deliver the speed and simplicity of the Ion Torrent™...
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Ion PGM™ Sequencer  

4 out of 5

Powered by Ion Torrent™ semiconductor chip technology, the Ion Personal Genome Machine® (PGM™) Sequencer delivers the fastest run times, at the most affordable price, of any...
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Ion PGM™ Sequencing 400 Kit  
The new Ion PGM™ Sequencing 400 Kit is an integral component of the Personal Genome Machine™ sequencing platform and single-day sequencing workflow, designed to sequence templated Ion...
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Ion Plus Fragment Library Kit  
As an integral component of the Personal Genome Machine™ sequencing platform, the Ion Plus Fragment Library Kit is designed to produce high quality DNA libraries via multiple possible...
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Ion Proton™ Sequencing System  
The Ion Proton™ System is the first benchtop sequencing system capable of human-scale genome, exome, or transcriptome sequencing in a few hours - with DNA-to-variants called in a single...
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Ion Reporter™ Software  
Ion Reporter™ Software automates all steps of your bioinformatics pipeline All the steps—from launching the sequencing run to annotating variants—are automated in the Ion Reporter™...
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Ion Total RNA-Seq Kit  
The Ion Total RNA-Seq Kit v2 includes the reagents needed to prepare representative cDNA libraries for strand-specific RNA sequencing on the Ion Personal Genome Machine (PGM™) sequencer.
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Library Efficiency® DH5α™ Competent Cells  
DH5α™ is a well-known, versatile strain that can be used in many everyday cloning applications. In addition to supporting blue/white screening, recA1 and endA1 mutations in DH5α™ increase...
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Life Technologies™ Bioinformatics Services  
Help maximize results with an experienced NGS bioinformatician. All Life Technologies™ Bioinformatics Services are performed by experienced bioinformaticians who understand what Ion...
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MAGnify™ Chromatin Immunoprecipitation System  
This kit provides a faster and more reproducible solution for Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP), and includes all reagents besides the antibody of interest needed to perform ChIP. With...
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M-MLV Reverse Transcriptase  
M-MLV (Moloney Murine Leukemia Virus) Reverse Transcriptase (RT) is a recombinant DNA polymerase that synthesizes a complementary DNA strand from single-stranded RNA, DNA, or an RNA:DNA...
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MultiShot™ StripWell TOP10 Chemically Competent ...  
MultiShot™ and MultiShot™ StripWell Chemically Competent E. coli allow rapid transformation in a convenient 96-well format. MultiShot™ StripWell competent cells are packaged in versatile...
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NativePAGE Bis-Tris Gel System  

5 out of 5

The Novex® NativePAGE™ Bis-Tris Gel System is a precast polyacrylamide mini-gel system that provides sensitive, high-resolution analysis of native proteins and protein complexes for...
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Oncomine™ NGS Power Tools  
Oncomine™ NGS Power Tools help prioritize therapeutic opportunities with curated NGS data, methods, and an efficient delivery mechanism. They can help to identify and discern driver...
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One Shot® Mach1™ T1 Phage-Resistant Chemically C...  
The Mach1™ T1 Phage-Resistant (T1R) E. coli strain is the fastest growing chemically competent strain currently available (Figure 1). Doubling time is approximately 50 minutes, compared...
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One Shot® TOP10 Chemically Competent E. coli  
TOP10 E. coli are provided at a transformation efficiency of 1 x 10e9 cfu/µg supercoiled DNA and are ideal for high-efficiency cloning and plasmid propagation. They allow stable replication...
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Platinum Multiplex PCR Master Mix  
The Platinum® Multiplex PCR Master Mix is an optimization-free multiplex PCR master mix designed specifically for endpoint multiplex PCR. Free yourself from optimization Great multiplex...
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Platinum® GenoType Tsp DNA Polymerase  
Platinum® GenotypeTsp DNA Polymerase is a unique genetically engineered thermostable polymerase (Tsp) which is precomplexed with anti-Tsp antibodies for use in Hot Start PCR. It is designed...
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Platinum® Pfx  
Platinum® Pfx DNA Polymerase is ideal for amplification of DNA fragments for high-fidelity PCR applications. High fidelity is provided by a proprietary enzyme preparation containing...
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Platinum® Taq DNA polymerase  
Platinum® Taq DNA Polymerase is a recombinant Taq DNA polymerase complexed with a proprietary antibody that inhibits polymerase activity at ambient temperatures. Due to specific binding of...
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Platinum® Taq DNA Polymerase High Fidelity  
Platinum® Taq DNA Polymerase High Fidelity is ideal for amplification of DNA fragments where high yields and robust amplification are required. High fidelity is provided by a mixture of...
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QuantStudio™ 12K Flex system  
Life Technologies is taking qPCR to the next level. Designed for maximum throughput, flexibility, and scalability, the QuantStudio™ 12K Flex Real-Time PCR System sets the new standard for...
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QuantStudio™ 3D Digital PCR System  
Now, you can go beyond the limits of real-time PCR with the new QuantStudio™ 3D Digital PCR System. A simple and affordable platform, the QuantStudio™ 3D Digital PCR System produces...
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