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APAgene™ GOLD Walking Kits  
APAgene™ GOLD Genome Walking Kits are designed to rapidly and reliably amplify unknown genomic DNA using our patented APA technology: 1. Isolate unknown genomic sequences flanking...
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Arrayed BAC library  
An arrayed or non-arrayed BAC library is the preferred choice for downstream applications such as hybridization screening; full-genome sequencing; BAC end sequencing or physical mapping...
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Normalized cDNA libraries  
Our cDNA libraries feature full-length-enriched and high quality size-fractionated cDNA. cDNA library construction is usually done in slightly-modified versions of pBluescript or pcDNA3.1.
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Screened BAC library  
A pooled BAC library is an invaluable tool for PCR-screening. It allows for the easy retrieval of BAC clones of interest. This type of library is especially useful when genome size is...
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Uncloned Normalized cDNA for Next-Generation Seq...  
Our uncloned normalized cDNA is created using proprietary technology which features full-length-enriched and high quality size-fractionated cDNA. Our cDNA has been used successfully with...
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ASH cDNA Subtracted Library  
ASH is APA-based, full-length-enriched, single-stranded cDNA subtraction hybridization library. - ASH cDNA subtraction is full-length-enriched and independent of PCR suppression. - ASH...
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Fosmid Library  

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Fosmid clones are similar in size (ca. 40kb) to cosmids, but, like BAC clones, they contain replicons derived from the F factor for DNA replication and segregation. Because of this...
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Lung Slice Culture  
Bio S&T has successfully established an ex vivo rat lung slice culture (LSC) system which bridges the advantages of in vivo model with the ease of in vitro techniques. Extensive...
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Retroviral Research Products  
Bio S&T is the only commercial provider of highly purified human tRNAs. RNA is most widely used as the primer of retroviral reverse transcriptases. The 3’ end of the tRNA binds to the...
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RNA Isolation for Sequencing  
Bio S&T's high-quality RNA can be used directly for NxGen RNA sequencing as well as other downstream applications that require optimal-quality RNA such as quantitative real-time RT-PCR,...
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