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AdenoONE Cloning and Expression System  
Patent pending BAC technology guarantees fast time lines resulting in less than 6 weeks from cloning to final virus preparation.
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AdenoONE Purification Kit  
Easy to use system for purification of adenoviral particles. Reproducibly high yields of up to 1,00E+10 infectious units (IU).
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Premade Adenovirus for gene knockdown  
Premade, validated shRNA-adenoviral vectors with guaranteed knockdown of selected target genes.
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Premade Adenovirus for gene overexpression  
Premade, adenoviral vectors for strong transgene expression.
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TransMAX is a peptide-based solution to enhance uptake of adenovirus and increase transgene expresssion. TransMAX enhances adenovirus transduction by specifically bridging the adenovirus...
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Custom AAV Service  
From cDNA to viral vectors with guaranteed efficacy in less than 3 months. Best vector system for long term gene expression in vivo. Virus can be handled in S1 laboratories. Functionality...
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Custom Adenovirus Service  
Patent pending BAC technology guarantees production times of less than 6 weeks from cloning to final virus preparation. Highest product purity.
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MISSION™ Cells  
Genome-wide coverage with more than 30.000 human and murine genes customized for your cell system. Validated stable knockdown cell pools in 6 weeks. Cells tested to be virus-free allowing...
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RNAiONE shRNA Validation System  
Highly-predictive validation system for identification of high-performance shRNA sequences.
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TET-inducible Stable Gene Knockdown Cells  
Cloning of validated shRNA's into the One-Vector inducible shmir platform.
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The availability of cell based in vitro systems allowing for mutational analysis of protein function are increasingly important in many fields of current medical and pharmaceutical...
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