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CryzoTraq™ 2D Barcoded Cryogenic Vials  
Ziath’s range of CryzoTraq™ cryogenic vials are designed for cryogenic storage of biological specimens at temperatures as low as -196°C. The range features outstanding leak resistance...
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DataPaq ™ Deep Focus Single Rack 2D Barcode Scan...  
The DataPaq™ Deep Focus Rack Scanner offers easy set-up, straight out of the box, with only a few minutes for configuration. After a one-time automatic calibration , the scanner is...
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DataPaq™ A4 Multi-Rack 2D Barcode Scanner  
Like its Single-Rack cousin, our A4-sized scanner also offers easy set up, straight out of the box. With only a few minutes needed for configuration, you’ll be ready to start scanning in...
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DataPaq™ Express Rack Reader  
The Ziath DataPaq™ Express Rack Reader is a 2D datamatrix tube camera reader with an image capture time of only one second. DataPaq™ Express is marginally larger than the SBS rack...
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DataPaq™ High Speed Single Tube Scanner  
The Ziath DataPaq™ Single-Tube Scanner scans single 2D datamatrix tubes from Matrix, Nunc, ABgene, Micronic, Greiner, Wheaton and all other tube manufacturers. Simply hold the tube to...
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Samples Software Management  
Samples is a software management tool to help keep your samples organised. Samples will streamline your workflow by providing an organised storage system to track and maintain your...
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TraceTraq™ 2D Barcoded Sample Storage Tubes  
Our DataPaq™ software makes it simple to export the linear (rack) barcode data and the tube data to Excel, XML, JSON or text and scanned images can also be saved.
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Basic Biobanking Box  
Ziath’s Basic BioBanking Box includes everything that is required to start a sample library and effectively manage it. Samples Quick - a software management tool to help keep...
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DataPaq™ Linear Rack Barcode Scanner Version 2  
The Ziath Linear Rack Scanner Version 2 is for use with the DataPaq™ Express, Deep Focus, High Speed and Multi-Rack Scanners. It is simply attached to the scanner using a bracket with...
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DataPaq™ Multirack 2D Barcode Scanner  
The Ziath DataPaq™ Multirack Scanner scans 2D datamatrix tubes in SBS and cryoracks format. With the choice of five different masks, nearly any combination of racks is possible and up...
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Microtube Picker  
Ziath’s Microtube Picker allows one-handed removal of cryogenic vials and screw-cap microtubes from racks. The Microtube Picker simplifies retrieval of tubes, minimises heat transfer...
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