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Adiabatic Calorimeter  
The Phi-TEC I is a computer-controlled adiabatic calorimeter that can be used to determine the heat evolved and pressure developed during an uncontrolled exothermic runaway reaction. It is...
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The AutoLAB has been design by chemists for chemists and features a range of innovations to make it easy-to-use, to reduce training time and the need for specialist users to a minimum. ...
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CAT Block  
HEL's simplist catalyst screening system, the CAT blocks, are complete units for hydrogenation and other high pressure reactions. CAT systems have been designed to provide a cost...
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The FlowCAT delivers high pressure flow chemistry in a compact, bench top unit. The flexible design allows screening, optimization and scale-up of both homogenous and heterogeneous...
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Designed to maximise your laboratory's productivity, PolyBLOCK is an easy to use, flexible and compact multi-reactor system. With either 4 or 8 independently controlled and monitored...
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AutoLAB Flex  
The new AutoLAB Flex from HEL is an adaptable, flexible, easy to use reactor system. Provided with a user friendly touchscreen control interface, it allows full control and data logging,...
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AutoMATE Multi-Reactor System  
Chemistry platforms with independently controlled zones, offering both high and low pressure solutions. Options of 2, 4, 6 or 8 zones available, with the facility to mix and match up to 8...
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Crystal Eyes  
The need to study crystallization is extremely widespread in the chemical industry due to the importance of solids as the final form of many products. HEL's Crystal Eyes makes it easy for...
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CrystalSCAN - Automated Crystallisation Screening system The need to study solubility is extremely widespread in the chemical industry due to the importance of solids as the final...
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Fast, efficient screening of 8 reactions up to 200Bar The HP ChemSCAN is a dedicated parallel reaction system for the rapid development of high pressure reactions and heterogeneous...
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MicroNOTE controls agitation and temperature on stirrer reactors with the option to add liquid (or gas) dosing and pH. It can be added to existing or new vessels. At the heart of the ...
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Simular is a jacketed and stirred laboratory reactor platform which delivers flexibility of operation without compromising data quality. The system is designed to closely match your...
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TSu - Thermal Screening Unit  

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