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The PIKE MIRacle™ is a universal ATR sampling accessory for analysis of solids, liquids, pastes, gels, and intractable materials. In its most popular configuration, it is a single...
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GladiATR Vision  
The GladiATR Vision couples small area ATR infrared analysis with simultaneous viewing ensuring that what you see is what you sample! Finding the sampling point is easy. The Vision along...
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Introduce an element of consistency into spectroscopic transmission applications such as KBr and thin film making by using the PIKE Auto-CrushIR—a microprocessor controlled, automated...
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The PIKE Technologies DiffusIR™ is a research grade diffuse reflectance accessory with a large, efficient optical design accommodating the optional PIKE Technologies environmental...
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The ShakIR accessory provides a fast, simple and inexpensive method of mixing and grinding samples for diffuse reflectance sampling and in preparation for making KBr pellets. A small...
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The PIKE Technologies' 10Spec is an optimized near-normal specular reflectance accessory designed to make high performance measurements of sample reflectivity. The 10Spec produces a...
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Demountable Liquid Cells  
Demountable Liquid Cells – For Versatile Pathlength Liquid Sampling. The PIKE Technologies Demountable Liquid Cell is ideal for qualitative and quantitative analysis of liquid samples...
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The midIR Falcon liquid transmission accessory is recommended for qualitative and quantitative analysis of liquids where it is necessary to control the temperature of the sample.
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The GladiATR™ is an all new optical design providing the highest energy throughput, highest available pressure, and offering optional heated up to 300 °C or cooled crystal plates. With a...
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Horizontal Attenuated Total Reflectance (HATR) accessories successfully replace constant path transmission cells, salt plates and KBr pellets used in the analysis of liquid, semi-liquid...
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Integrating Sphere  
The integrating sphere is very often an accessory of choice when studying reflectance properties of solids, analyzing light scattering and/or highly absorbing samples and collecting...
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IR Long Path Gas Cells  
PIKE Technologies offers several Long-Path Gas Cells for analysis of trace components in gas samples – typical concentrations may range from the percent to ppb levels. The long-path cells...
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The PIKE Technologies JetStream is a unique ATR accessory optimized for analysis of liquids in static or flow modes at varying pressure. The accessory design revolves around a cylindrical...
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Mid-IR FlexIR Accessory  
The PIKE FlexIR Hollow Waveguide Accessory is an excellent tool for remote and specific area analysis of a wide variety of samples in the mid-infrared region. The new FlexIR Hollow...
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Out-of-Compartment Microplate Reader  
The PIKE Technologies Out-of-Compartment Microplate Reader is a unique option available for most UV-Vis spectrophotometers. It offers high throughput plate reading capability to a wide...
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Pellet Hand Press  
The PIKE Technologies Hand Press is an ideal solution for laboratories that require only occasional preparation of KBr pellets and cannot justify the expense of a hydraulic press. The...
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PIKE Technologies' polarizers - manual and automated versions - are available covering near-IR, mid-IR, and far-IR spectroscopic applications. The polarizers are mounted in a standard 2" x...
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VeeMAX III - Specular Reflectance Accessory  
The PIKE Technologies VeeMAX III is a high performance and highly versatile specular reflectance accessory. The VeeMAX III is designed to analyze a wide range of samples. From monolayers...
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VeeMAX III With ATR - Specular Reflectance Acces...  
The VeeMAX III with ATR offers continuous variable angle of incidence and a variety of crystal plates to selectively control the depth of penetration of the IR beam into the sample. ...
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X,Y Autosampler  
The PIKE Technologies X, Y Autosampler is designed around standard 24, 48 or 96 well microplate architectures – ideal for high efficiency sample loading and FTIR analysis. ...
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