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ContourGT-K 3D Optical Microscope  
Uncompromised Imaging and Metrology for Widest Range of Surfaces Combining exceptional profiling performance, operator convenience, and affordability into one bench top instrument. The...
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Dimension Edge™ AFM platform  
Atomic Force Microscopy for Patterned Sapphire Substrates Delivering advanced automated metrology and production capabilities with superior resolution for now and the future. Bruker's...
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Dimension FastScan™  
World's Ultimate AFM The new benchmark for speed with highest resolution and performance The Dimension FastScan™ delivers, for the first time, extreme imaging speed without loss of...
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Dimension Icon Atomic Force Microscope  
Bringing new levels of performance, functionality, and AFM accessibility to nanoscale researchers. The Dimension Icon® Atomic Force Microscope brings new levels of performance,...
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Highest performance AFM-Raman system, now with Bruker's exclusive high-contrast IRIS TERS probes. Bruker’s Innova-IRIS (Integrated AFM-Raman Imaging System) enables the emerging...
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Opterra Multipoint Scanning Confocal Microscope  
Superior integration of confocal imaging and photoactivation for biology applications. The Opterra Multipoint Scanning Confocal Microscope combines the resolution of traditional...
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QUANTAX Micro-XRF with Xtrace - Upgrading SEMs for Trace Element Analysis QUANTAX Micro-XRF with the XTrace micro-spot X-ray source adds the capabilities of a complete micro-XRF...
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QUANTAX WDS with XSense - Ultra-Sensitive Wavelength-Dispersive Spectrometry for SEM QUANTAX WDS features the compact XSense spectrometer. This high precision instrument incorporates...
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