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ACD/IXCR - Intelligent Compound Recognition using component detection software and spectral matching capabilities. Reduce the time spent on manual interpretation, searching, and...
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ACD/MS Workbook Suite  
ACD/MS Workbook Suite includes advanced tools for characterization and identification of compounds using LC/UV/MS and GC/MS data. The Suite also facilitates knowledge-sharing through the...
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ACD/NMR Workbook Suite  
With synchronized peak-picking among related spectra, powerful structure assignment tools, and complete project management including databasing capabilities, ACD/NMR Workbook Suite is the...
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ACD/Percepta Platform  
The ACD/Percepta platform delivers our full complement of PhysChem; Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, and Excretion (ADME); and toxicity tools in one seamless environment. ...
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ACD/Spectrus Platform  
The ACD/Spectrus platform builds on almost two decades of expertise in helping scientists and their organizations increase the efficiency of analytical data interpretation. Corporate...
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ACD/Structure Elucidator Suite  
ACD/Structure Elucidator ACD/Structure Elucidator is a complete software package to help in the elucidation of unknown structures. It allows you to incorporate data from various...
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ACD/Chrom Workbook  

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Advanced processing, analysis and management of chromatographic data for separations scientists. Build and share applications databases to accelerate future projects.
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ACD/Name generates chemical names according to IUPAC and CAS Index rules, converts names back to structures, and can easily handle challenging areas of nomenclature, such as biological...
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ACD/Optical Workbook  
ACD/Optical Workbook—Advanced Processing, Interpretation, and Knowledge-sharing tools for Optical Spectroscopy Techniques. ACD/Optical Workbook provides advanced processing,...
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Automated Structure Verification  
Automate the process of assessing the fit between proposed structure and experimental data, so that only ambiguous or inconsistent structures have to be evaluated manually.
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