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Closed Barrel - simple storage for dried solvents  

Safe, Ecological, Waterproof. In order to protect the extraordinary quality of our SeccoSolv® dried solvents, we offer a fully sealed stainless steel barrel system for extremely...
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DRYPOUR™ Packaging System  

The DRYPOUR™ packaging system for high-quality hygroscopic salts When it comes to products and workflow, you accept nothing but the highest quality in your production – so the same...
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Parteck® Delta M  

Excellent hardness and fast disintegration for wet granulation formulations Mannitol, a sugar alcohol that predominantly occurs in three crystalline forms (alpha, beta and delta...
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Parteck® M  

Advanced technology for excellent tabletting properties Mannitol is a sugar alcohol that is especially suitable as an excipient for advanced, highly active APIs due to its...
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Parteck® Mg DC  

Parteck® Mg DC – directly compressible without additives The efficient and safe production of tablets – from drugs to fizzy tablets – requires high-quality excipients, especially if...
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Parteck® ODT  

Merck Millipore’s Parteck® ODT gives formulators the opportunity to produce top-quality, rapid-acting tablets more cost-effectively than ever. These days, people want no-fuss, no-wait...
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Parteck® SI  

Unique functional particles for excellent tabletting properties Parteck® SI, Merck’s outstanding, directly compressible sorbitol, is available in a variety of particle sizes and...
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Parteck® LUB  

With today’s faster, leaner production requirements, the smooth integration of pharmaceutical excipients is essential. And since pharmacopeia now specify functionality in addition to...
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DURAN PURE Premium Cap GL 45  

The Premium Cap is optimally suited for use in the pharmaceutical industry. Two versions are available: packed in Polyethylen bags or STERICLIN®-packed. Without STERICLIN®-packaging the...
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Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO)  

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