High Purity

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Metal Scavengers and Organic Scavengers – SiliaM...  

SiliCycle is a pioneer in metal and organic scavenging solutions. We have nearly two decades of know-how in silica-grafting and scavenging technologies, and the broadest portfolio of...
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Inorganic Chemicals  

Known world-wide as a leading manufacturer of high purity inorganic compounds, Alfa Aesar produces thousands of separate inorganics used in a variety of research and production...
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ASINEX Unique Building Blocks  

Do you need interesting and unique building blocks for you small molecule combinatorial program? If you look at our 3500 In-House designed and externally acquired building blocks (from...
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Drug-Like Collection  

Drug-Like collection (now containing 240,000 compounds) was obtained by application of drug-like and structural filters to our Screening Collection.
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REAL database  

The ability of Enamine to synthesize a large number of screening compounds is formulated as its REAL DataBase. This original product represents a validated chemistry space that was created...
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Screening Collection  

Enamine Screening Collection is a stock collection of compounds obtained from our REAL database by original synthetic techniques developed by Enamine and its partners throughout Ukraine.
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