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Metal Scavengers and Organic Scavengers – SiliaM...  

SiliCycle is a pioneer in metal and organic scavenging solutions. We have nearly two decades of know-how in silica-grafting and scavenging technologies, and the broadest portfolio of...
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HX0299 Hexanes, 98.5%  

HX0299 Hexanes, 98.5% ACS, ~64% n-Hexane
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Parteck® SLC Excipients  

Created specifically for solid dosage forms, Parteck® excipients are distinguished by outstanding functionalities and a unique particle structure. All Parteck® products are developed...
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NSE-p25 Mouse Model  

NSE-p25 mice were created by pronuclear injection of an NSE-p25 transgene, produced internally at Pfizer, with transplantation of embryos to pseudopregnant CD-1 females. At weaning...
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Human HepatoPac™ Kits  

Human HepatoPac™ kits are an ideal way to conduct all your DMPK, Predictive Toxicology & Mechanistic Toxicology applications. Begin dosing as early as 3 days after receiving the...
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DELFIA® BATDA Labeling Reagent, 50 µL  

The DELFIA® BATDA Reagent is intended for labeling of cells to be used in short term cytotoxicity tests performed utilizing time-resolved fluorometry in the detection. It forms part of...
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MagNA Pure LC Reagent Tub (small)  

Application Reagent containers for storing up to 3.5 ml of MagNA Pure LC reagents on the stage of the MagNA Pure LC Instrument. The tubs can be sealed with MagNA Pure LC Tub Lids...
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