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Microarray Wash Buffer Additive   

Agilents Microarray Wash Buffer Additive is used to prepare Conditioning Solution and Wash Buffer 2 for running aCGH microarrays on a Tecan HS 400 Pro or HS 4800 Pro instrument with...
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The IntelliCap Electronic Capsule  

The IntelliCap system may be used for delivery of a drug or therapuetic agent to a targeted location. The capsule contains a fluid reservoir and a micro-fluidic pump capable of pumping...
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DELFIA Assay Buffer  

The DELFIA® Assay Buffer is a buffered protein and detergent solution intended for use in DELFIA® assays that include lanthanide-labelled proteins. It is optimised to give a minimum...
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DELFIA Assay Buffer without detergents  

For DELFIA® cell based assays or in assays where the presence of detergents may interfere. DELFIA® Assay Buffer without detergents is five times concentrated. It contains 250 mmol/L...
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DELFIA® Hybridization Buffer, 50mL  

The Hybridization Buffer is a buffered protein and detergent solution with high salt concentration. It is intended for use as a diluent for Eu/Sm/Tb-labelled oligonucleotide probes in...
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DELFIA® L*R binding buffer concentrate (10x), 25...  

DELFIA® L*R binding buffer concentrate (10x) is a buffered protein, salt and detergent solution intended for use in dissociation-enhanced time-resolved fluorometric ligand receptor binding...
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DELFIA® Lysis Buffer, 30mL  

Lysis buffer is intended for use in cell-mediated DELFIA cytotoxicity assay (for the determination of the maximum release). The product forms part of the AD0116 DELFIA® EuTDA Cytotoxicity...
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DELFIA®; Research Buffer Set, 2x conc.  

The Research Buffer Set contains a protein- and detergent-free buffer and separate detergent and protein solutions. 250mL of 100mmol/L Tris buffered salt solution with DTPA, pH 7.75 (2x...
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