Manual Polarimeter

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Polarimeter P1000  

This sturdy metal stand accomodates tubes up to 200 mm long. Supplied with removable cover, analyzer, polarizer and accessories.
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Schmidt + Haensch High Performance Polarimeters  

Polartronic H532 is the highest performance polarimeter available on the market, designed for the most challenging research. The H532 achieves extraordinary precision (±0.002°) across...
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The RX.2000 is a high performance stopped-flow accessory that enables your existing UV-vis spectrometer, fluorimeter and CD polarimeter to be used to follow reactions that are at least a...
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MOS-450 Fast modular UV-Vis spectrophotometer/po...  

For spectral recording in UV/Vis spectroscopic modes. MOS-450/AF for absorbance and fluorescence modes. This includes a dual illumination monochromator and single-channel...
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Rudolph Instruments has been a manufacturer of Polarimeters since 1962. The current range includes: DigiPol-781 range of Automatic Polarimeters: These full featured units are...
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