Automatic Polarimeter

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MCP 200/300/500 Modular Circular Polarimeter  

MCP 200/300/500 is an automatic polarimeter for analyzing optically active substances. It is highly accurate and easy to use. The combination of quality, robust design and modern...
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Automatic Polarimeters P8000 Series  

1 Second for all measuring results! The A.KRÜSS Optronic polarimeter is characterized by excellent measurement speed over the whole range. The advantage for the user: spot-on and...
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P3000 Series Polarimeter  

The new basic automatic Polarimeter, P3000 series is easy to operate, has automatic detection and digital angle conversion. Ideal for samples with low transmittance. The unit comes...
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Schmidt + Haensch High Performance Polarimeters  

Polartronic H532 is the highest performance polarimeter available on the market, designed for the most challenging research. The H532 achieves extraordinary precision (±0.002°) across...
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Automatic Process Polarimeter: Propol  

The Propol process polarimeter is used as a polarimetric online or inline sensor for concentration measurement in the production of chiral compounds. Its measuring method...
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MCP 100 Modular Circular Polarimeter  

The MCP 100 polarimeter provides proven technology packed into a compact polarimeter which fits into any laboratory. The instrument is extremely easy to operate and also provides...
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