Pipette Calibration And Verification

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The Preventive Maintenance and Calibration (PMC)...  

The Preventive Maintenance and Calibration (PMC) Software Application The Preventive Maintenance and Calibration (PMC) Software Application is a software application...
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EDP1™ Liquid Ends  

Control module and interchangeable liquid ends up to 2000 µL. For use with traditional tips.
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EDP1™ Liquid Ends with LTS™  

Control module and interchangeable LTS liquid ends up to 2000 µL. For use with LTS tips. 
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Precise finger-tip control. Operates for eight hours on one charge Lightweight, easy operation. Pistol grip holds pipet at an optimized angle for use in safety cabinet. Fits all types of...
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Economical bulb pipet filler. Simple to use Bulb-type filler operated by thumb button. Autoclavable holder for glass or plastic pipets. Integral 0.45 µm filter. Fits all types of pipet...
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Hang-Up Adapter HU-A3  

For multichannel and EDP3 pipettes, the adapter slips easily into a Hang-Up or CR-7 Carousel Stand. No tools required.
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Reagent Reservoirs and Trays  

Sterile 75 mL, sterile 50 mL, and Texan, autoclavable, 175 mL. Clear polypropylene, 75 mL, 10 mL marks to 60 mL, lids/no lids -- Polystyrene, 50 mL, 25 mL mark -- Texan polypropylene, 175...
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Wall Power Supply for EDP-Plus™ & EDP3™  

Recharge the battery on EDP3 and EDP-Plus pipettes. Allow recharging while pipetting. EDP-Plus pipettes are sold with wall power supply. Wall power supply is optional on EDP3 pipettes. ...
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ProteoMass Kits for MALDI Calibration  

ProteoMass Kits for MALDI Calibration Protein Mass Spectrometry The most flexible kits for routine MS calibration. The expanding field of proteomics involves many unique aspects,...
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Autoclave Validation  

Validation of Autoclaves to EN285, EN554, HTM2010 and cGMP guidelines. Use of fully audited and reviewed protocols, UKAS traceable equipment. Biological indicator studies carried...
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Equipment Validation/Calibration  

TechniVal can supply calibration, validation and preventative maintenance Contract services of the following: § Centrifuges § Autoclaves § Incubators / Stability Cabinets...
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Finnpipette Accessories  

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Pipette stands and module hangers  Sample tubes and racks V-shape reagent basin and 8-channel reagent reser voirs Safety labels Product detail: The bench-top...
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Witopette Repipettor  

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