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New at Pittcon: Comprehensive Line of USP Certified Volumetric Glassware Reagent Dispenser, PittCon, Vacuum23 Feb 2015Read
Best Liquid Handlers – As Reviewed by You! Sample Handling, Lab Essentials, Reviewed by You16 Feb 2015Read
INTEGRA Supports Breast Cancer Research Cancer, Electronic Pipette10 Feb 2015Read
SelectScience Announces New Reviewers’ Choice Awards6 Feb 2015Read
Beckman Coulter at SLAS2015: Workshops and Interactive Biomek Explorer SLAS30 Jan 2015Read
See the Flexible Automated Liquid Handler of CyBio Product Line in Action SLAS20 Jan 2015Read
INTEGRA Focus on Liquid Handling at SLAS 2015 SLAS, Electronic Pipette20 Jan 2015Read
New 50 Microliter Electronic Pipettes Sample Handling, Sample Preparation12 Jan 2015Read
Don’t Miss these 10 Essential Lab Automation Videos Automation, Sample Handling, PCR Automation5 Dec 2014Read
Optimizing Workflow with 96- & 384-well Microplates Electronic Pipette2 Dec 2014Read

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