Surface Area Analyzers

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Micro Flow Imaging Platform  
ProteinSimple (formerly Cell Biosciences)

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The Micro Flow Imaging (MFI) platform is a bright-field microscopy based particle analyzer. The MFI accurately counts and characterizes visible and sub-visible particles (silicone drops,...
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SA 3100 Surface Area and Pore Volume analyzer  
Beckman Coulter

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A complete solution for characterising the surface of solid materials. The SA 3100 utilises the well-established gas adsorption technique to measure the surface area and porosity of...
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Electrokinetic Analyzer for Solid Surface Analysis: Su...  

5 out of 5

Anton Paar GmbH

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Use the SurPASS electrokinetic analyzer to investigate the zeta potential of macroscopic solids based on the streaming potential and streaming current method. The zeta potential is...
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Sorpty 1990  
CE Instruments Ltd

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The Sorpty 1990 is a static Gas Adsorbtion system for BET Surface area, Chemisorbtion, and pore analysis .
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Horiba Instruments, Inc.

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This series of surface analysers can perform up to 30 analyses per hour. The detector can be calibrated and the baseline zeroed automatically before each analysis.
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NOVA® e-Series Surface Area Analyzers  

3 out of 5

Quantachrome Instruments

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The NOVA e -Series offers a full line of high-quality, high-performance Surface Area and Pore Size Analyzers with eight fully automatic models to meet the needs of any research or quality...
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Qsurf series analyzers  
Thermo Fisher Scientific

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The ideal companions for QC/QA laboratories Qsurf is an ultra-fast surface area and total pore volume analyzers family based on the flow dynamic adsorption technique. It is available in...
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Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Speed, reliability and ease of use in physisorption and chemisorption The advanced automation, the analytical performance and the versatility of the Sorptomatic make it the ideal...
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TPDRO 1100  
Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Catalysts characterization made easy, precise and unattended The fundamental properties of catalysts (metal surface area, dispersion, acid/base sites concentration and activation...
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