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Electrokinetic Analyzer for Solid Surface Analys...  

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Use the SurPASS electrokinetic analyzer to investigate the zeta potential of macroscopic solids based on the streaming potential and streaming current method. The zeta potential is...
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ACFM-7107 is a quadplexer that combines PCS and Cellular duplexers into a single miniature package. Its also features a single antenna connection, eliminating the need for antenna...
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Zet@Master is the powerful stand alone equipment of CMS Zet@ range in eddy current testing method. Multi channel and multi frequency, it allows the connection of several EC systems with...
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FTA Reversing DC Potential Drop System  

The FTA Reversing DC Potential Drop System has been designed by Keith Donald to provide the precise current and amplifier stability necessary for the reversing DC potential drop method of...
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The CGM-7 is a modern microprocessor based instrument for measuring crack depth in metals undergoing materials testing. Building on the success of the CGM-5R this unit improves upon the...
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The DCM-2 is a modern microprocessor based instrument for measuring crack depth in metals undergoing materials testing. Building on the success of the DCM-1 this unit takes on board...
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Ferroscope 308 System  

Application • Non-destructive inspection of carbon steel, copper, brass, cupro-nickel, ferritic and other alloys • For tube inside diameter 0.250 inch (6.35mm) and up • Common usage...
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Magnaflux Magnetic Particle Materials  

A range of Magnetic Particle Materials including wet and dry method powders and speciality products.
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MPF Magnetic Particle Fluid  

MPF is a magnetic particle suspension fluid designed for wet method magnetic particle inspection requiring a fluid with a flash point over 200F, low viscosity (less than 5.0cs), no odor, no...
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FloormapVS2i - MFL Corrosion Detection, Sizing a...  

The FloormapVS2i floor scanner is a computerised MFL system designed to detect, size and map underfloor corrosion on above ground storage tanks. The FloormapVS2i is the best selling...
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General purpose sensors   

General purpose sensors are suitable for contact or non-contact testing of flat, concave, convex and irregularly shaped surfaces. Available for all analyzer models.
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Rollscan 300  

The Digital Barkausen Noise Analyzer - Rollscan 300 - is a fast, easy and reliable way to improve product quality. Rollscan 300 saves on material and labor expenses Rollscan 300 is a...
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AMIGO Crack Microgauge  

The AMIGO instrument is the smallest and lightest ACFM inspection system* available. TSC has taken advantage of its vast wealth of knowledge and experience to make the AMIGO a wieldy,...
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MK IV ACPD Instrument  

The ACPD Crack Microgauge MK IV, for laboratory use, is a rugged instrument with high stability and resolution. It is available with built in multiplexing as an option capable of...
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