Non-Destructive Techniques

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The R&D100 award-winning Empyrean X-ray Diffraction (XRD) System combines ease of use with permanently aligned optics and stages, highest data quality and ultimately flexibility to...
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MicroXCT-200 - High Resolution and Contrast; Large Sample Size and Shape Flexibility; Automated Multiple Point Imaging. The MicroXCT-200 is a versatile 3D X-ray imaging system...
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UltraXRM-L200 - Synchrotron-like 3D Imaging in a Laboratory System. The UltraXRM-L200 is the only lab based ultra-high resolution CT scanner for 3D visualization of microscopic...
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VersaXRM-410 - High Resolution and Contrast; Industry-leading 4D and In Situ Capabilities for Flexible Sample Sizes and Types. The VersaXRM-410 encompasses all the benefits of the...
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VersaXRM-500 - Industry's largest working distance at highest resolution . The Xradia VersaXRM™ family is the latest generation of 3D X-ray microscopy (XRM) solutions optimized for...
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ZEISS Xradia 520 Versa  

Submicron Imaging with New Degrees of Freedom. ZEISS Xradia 520 Versa 3D X-ray microscope unlocks new degrees of flexibility for scientific discovery. Building on industry-best...
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Auto SE Ellipsometer  

The Auto SE is a new thin film measurement tool that allows full automatic analysis of thin film samples with simple push button operation. Sample analysis takes only a few seconds and...
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A versatile spectroscopic ellipsometer covering a range from VUV to NIR. The UVISEL 2 VUV is a new generation of phase modulation ellipsometer for VUV measurements. It is the only...
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UVISEL Ellipsometer  

High Precision R&D Spectroscopic Ellipsometer The UVISEL ellipsometer range offers the best combination of modularity and performance for advanced thin film, surface and interface...
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Electrokinetic Analyzer for Solid Surface Analys...  

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Use the SurPASS electrokinetic analyzer to investigate the zeta potential of macroscopic solids based on the streaming potential and streaming current method. The zeta potential is...
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ACFM-7107 is a quadplexer that combines PCS and Cellular duplexers into a single miniature package. Its also features a single antenna connection, eliminating the need for antenna...
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Zet@Master is the powerful stand alone equipment of CMS Zet@ range in eddy current testing method. Multi channel and multi frequency, it allows the connection of several EC systems with...
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FTA Reversing DC Potential Drop System  

The FTA Reversing DC Potential Drop System has been designed by Keith Donald to provide the precise current and amplifier stability necessary for the reversing DC potential drop method of...
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CRx25P Portable Computed Radiography Scanner  

The CRx25P computed radiography scanner from GE’s Inspection Technologies business combines portability and durability with simple operation to create high-quality digital images within...
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Imperium’s i600 Acoustocam™ generates real time C-scan video images of subsurface defects. The output provides similar information to much more complex legacy systems, but with strikingly...
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ECHOMETER 1075 Basic  

Application The innovative dual-use instrument measures wall thickness and sound velocities and convinces due to state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, modern design and an attractive...
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The CGM-7 is a modern microprocessor based instrument for measuring crack depth in metals undergoing materials testing. Building on the success of the CGM-5R this unit improves upon the...
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The DCM-2 is a modern microprocessor based instrument for measuring crack depth in metals undergoing materials testing. Building on the success of the DCM-1 this unit takes on board...
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Image Plate Scanner, HD - CR 35 NDT  

HD - CR 35 NDT, A film replacement technology, Computed Radiography (CR), is actually a digital radiography technique that uses what we called an Image Plate (IP) made of phosphor material...
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Liquid Penetrant  

BRITEMOR PENETRANT PROCESSES are approved or conform to many internationally recognized specifications. Several processes or individual products are also approved and included in...
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VDM-E/Z Video Direct Microscope  

Fatigue-free 3D visual inspection of small parts and assemblies VDM-E/Z Squinting into a microscope eyepiece all day long for parts inspection can be very uncomfortable. That's why we...
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Ferroscope 308 System  

Application • Non-destructive inspection of carbon steel, copper, brass, cupro-nickel, ferritic and other alloys • For tube inside diameter 0.250 inch (6.35mm) and up • Common usage...
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The BALTOSPOT Series is comprised of three divisions of directional and panoramic x-ray generators with varying specifications corresponding to different NDT applications, field activities...
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Magnaflux Magnetic Particle Materials  

A range of Magnetic Particle Materials including wet and dry method powders and speciality products.
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SENTINEL™ Model 880  

SENTINEL™ Model 880 Delta, Elite and Omega source projectors are portable, lightweight and compact industrial radiographic exposure devices. The patented device body consists of a titanium...
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