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400-MR Automation Suite  
Fully Automated Walk-Up Operation          The automation suite for the Agilent 400-MR NMR system is the ideal laboratory productivity solution for routine analyses. The powerful...
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400-MR NMR Spectrometer   

4 out of 5

Compact System is Easy to Site       The Agilent 400-MR is the NMR system of choice for laboratories requiring a compact, easy-to-use instrument that delivers fast, reliable results for...
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  • Ease of use 4 out of 5
  • After sales service 4 out of 5
  • Value for money 3 out of 5

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DD2 Systems  
Ideal for Advanced Research Applications    Agilent DD2 systems deliver the high end performance required to address the most difficult research challenges.  The systems can be equipped...
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DirectDrive 2 RF Architecture   
Agilents innovative DirectDrive 2 RF architecture and DirectDigital receiver system are integral elements of every Agilent NMR spectrometer. DirectDrive 2 delivers precisely timed RF and...
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Gradient Coils   
Maximized duty cycles and gradient strength       Agilent provides a range of high quality gradient coils with maximized strength and duty cycles that enable controlled magnetic field...
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Indirect Detection Liquid State NMR Probes   
Optimal for High Frequency Nuclei Sensitivity Analyses      Agilents indirect detection liquid state probes are suited for high frequency nuclei NMR analyses. Probes feature: ...
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MRI RF Coils  

4 out of 5

High quality data acquisition functions for every application       Agilent provides a range of RF coils optimized for high quality pre-clinical imaging. With a variety of RF coil types...
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  • Ease of use 3 out of 5
  • After sales service 5 out of 5
  • Value for money 5 out of 5

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One NMR Probe with Automated Probe Tuning   
Optimized for Both High- and Low-Band Frequencies      The Agilent 400 MHz OneNMR probe provides maximum utility for the Agilent 400-MR NMR system. The OneNMR probe is simultaneously...
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Physiological Monitoring and Gating System   
Physiological monitoring of pre-clinical specimens       The Agilent Physiological Monitoring and Gating System is designed to meet the physiological needs for anesthetized specimens in...
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Premium Shielded Narrow Bore Magnets   
Easy System Siting   Agilent Premium Shielded Narrow Bore Magnets are highly homogeneous superconducting magnets housed within an ultra low-loss helium cryostat with a nominal...
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PremiumCOMPACT Magnets  
Minimal Ceiling Height to Facilitate Siting      Agilent PremiumCOMPACT Magnets are highly homogeneous and housed within an ultra-low helium cryostat with a nominal room temperature bore...
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ProPulse NMR System  
Designed with simplicity as a guiding principle, Agilent’s ProPulse NMR System brings true ease-of-use to high-performance NMR. With advanced features that reduce the time required to...
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Solid-State NMR Probes  
Available in Single to Quadruple Resonance Styles   Agilent solids NMR probes are offered in a variety of narrow and wide bore configurations to address all of your application needs. Our...
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Specialty Magnets  
Custom built superconducting magnets       Agilent provides premium quality magnets, built to the highest engineering standards and practices. The Magnet Technology Center has the...
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VnmrJ 3.2 Software  
VnmrJ is a powerful, efficient and easy to use NMR & MRI data acquisition and processing software package. It is a versatile, interactive, and intuitive operating environment providing...
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Agilent VnmrJ 4 NMR Software  
VnmrJ 4.0 makes sophisticated methods for studying biomolecular structure, dynamics, and interactions available to users at all skill levels. Spanning the entire range of tools for...
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