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NGS Services at LGC Genomics  
LGC Genomic Solutions

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Next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies have dramatically reduced the costs of sequencing and led to novel approaches in many fields of biology. LGC Genomics offers the complete...
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Next Generation Sequencing Services at Eurofins MWG Op...  

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Eurofins Genomics

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5 different sequencing platforms for numerous different applications Our next generation sequencing service is available on 5 different instruments which allow us to combine our best...
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Life Technologies™ Bioinformatics Services  
Life Technologies

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Help maximize results with an experienced NGS bioinformatician. All Life Technologies™ Bioinformatics Services are performed by experienced bioinformaticians who understand what Ion...
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PerkinElmer Next Generation Sequencing Service  
PerkinElmer, Inc.

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PerkinElmer is the premiere international provider of DNA resequencing applications, delivered by a highly experienced staff using state of the art systems. PerkinElmer’s...
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