Exome Sequencing

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INVIEW™ Human Exome  

Highlights: Fastest exome sequencing, starting from one sample Applicable for genomic DNA from various sources (tissue, cells, blood and FFPE sample) Special protocol...
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SureSelect Custom DNA  

Agilent’s market leading SureSelect platform provides a complete portfolio of catalog and custom products, providing the flexibility you need from discovery to follow-up studies. Agilent’s...
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SureSelect Focused Exome  

The SureSelect Focused Exome is a highly targeted design that enables analysis of only the disease-associated targets providing deep coverage even on a benchtop sequencer. This design...
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NimbleGen SeqCap EZ Library Kits  

SeqCap EZ Library is a solution-based capture method that enables enrichment of the whole exome or customer regions of interest in a single test tube. Built upon an optimized design...
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