Data Analysis/Computing


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Agilent SureCall 2.0 Software  

Agilent SureCall software allows clinical researchers who use NGS panels for inherited diseases and cancer, to analyze, visualize, and contextualize NGS data using a single application. ...
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GeneSpring NGS Software  

Agilent’s GeneSpring NGS software suite includes data analysis workflows for Methyl-Seq, RNA-Seq, DNA-Seq, Chip-Seq and Small RNA-Seq data. GeneSpring NGS provides SureSelect customers with...
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CLC Genomics Workbench  

Dominating the high-throughput sequencing data analysis challenge We have overcome the challenge to analyze high-throughput sequencing data faster than it is produced by implementing a...
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Variant Analysis  

Identify causal variants from human sequencing data in just hours Rapidly Identify and Prioritize Variants Ingenuity Variant Analysis combines analytical tools and integrated content...
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Oncomine™ NGS Power Tools  

Oncomine™ NGS Power Tools help prioritize therapeutic opportunities with curated NGS data, methods, and an efficient delivery mechanism. They can help to identify and discern driver...
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OmicsOffice® Software  

OmicsOffice® is a cross-technologies consistent environment that allows the user to rely on the same application for the analysis and integration of data coming from different genomics...
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