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SelectScience Opens Nominations for the 2015 Scientists’ Choice Awards Scientists Choice Awards, PittCon, Reviews9 Jan 2015Read
Don’t Miss these Life Sciences Highlights of 2014 Neuroscience, Scientists Choice Awards, Metabolomics23 Dec 2014Read
New UV-Vis-NIR Spectrophotometer UV-3600 Plus UV-Visible-NIR8 Oct 2014Read
Conference Program Targets the Industry’s Needs12 Sep 2014Read
ABB Introduces the New MB3600-CH70 Turnkey Analyzer for Polyols and Derivatives27 Feb 2014Read
SelectScience Opens Voting in the Scientists’ Choice Awards for Best New General Lab Product, Best New Separations Product and Best New Spectroscopy Product of the Year 2013 scientists choice awards31 Jan 2014Read
FOSS Introduces New Streamlined Version of Its XDS NIR Analyzer for Rapid Testing of Diverse Samples NIRS5 Nov 2013Read
UV-visible-NIR, Fluorescence and Raman Microspectroscopy with the New 20/30 PV™ from CRAIC Technologies UV-Visible-NIR, Raman3 Apr 2013Read
Axiom Analytical, Inc. Announces a New Robust Transflectance Probe for Near Infrared (NIR) Process Analysis Process Development, Process Development13 Mar 2013Read
New NIR Metal-on-Quartz Neutral Density Filter Certified Reference Materials ISO / IEC 17025, ISO Guide 34, Certified Reference Materials21 Mar 2012Read

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