Vacuum Manifolds

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Vacuum Manifold and Accessories  

Pall Life Sciences Vacuum Manifold - Designed to perfectly fit SBS-conforming filter plates Comes complete with the necessary O-ring and gasket. The control block includes the vacuum...
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Axygen® Vacuum Manifold  

Single manifold for BOTH column-based and plate-based sample preps Integrated controls for vacuum regulation Constructed of durable, long-lasting materials
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Manifolds for Microtest Plates  

Features of the Drummond Scientific Manifolds for Microtest Plates include: • Feed, Rinse, or Aspirate Multiple Plate Positions Quickly and Easily  • Autoclavable stainless...
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PowerVac™ Manifold Mini System  

The PowerVac Manifold and the PowerVac adapters allow you to benefit from both the advantages of the MO BIO's flat bottom spin filters and the improved productivity of using a vacuum...
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