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GE Healthcare's Clear View Microplates  

GE Healthcare's Clear View microplates Clear View microplates offer the possibility to grow, observe, count, and assay cells. These steps can be completed in a single plate, eliminating...
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GE Healthcare's Glass Bottom Microplates  

GE Healthcare's Glass Bottom Microplates Optically clear glass bottom microplates are suitable for use in a wide range of critical optical measurement techniques including enzyme...
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Fine View Culture Plates  

FineView precision microplates for observing and measuring cell growth A range of precision microplates and cell culture plates with different materials for growing and observing cells.
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Cell Culture Plates  

PetriWell - A family of optically enhanced cell culture plates specifically designed for Cell Biology and Bioimaging applications Made from a choice of EquiGlass or Polystyrene
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