Optimizing Settings to Validate the BMG LABTECH CLARIOstar HTS Microplate Readers with the Transcreener TR-FRET Assays
24 Oct 2014

This application protocol describes the optimal instrument parameters used to validate the CLARIOstar® Microplate Reader with the Transcreener ADP2 TR-FRET (3011) and Transcreener AMP2/GMP2 TR-FRET (3020) assays from Bellbrook Labs. Transcreener® is a universal, high throughput biochemical assay platform based on the detection of nucleotides, which are formed by thousands of cellular enzymes. Many of these enzymes catalyze the covalent regulatory reactions that are central to cell signaling; e.g., phosphorylation, methylation, and are of high interest as therapeutic targets. The Transcreener® TR-FRET Assays are a single step, competitive immunoassay for direct detection of nucleotides with a far red time-resolved Förster-resonance-energy-transfer (TR-FRET) readout. The use of a red tracer minimizes interference from fluorescent compounds and light scattering. The Transcreener® TR-FRET Assays are designed specifically for HTS with a single addition, mix-and-read format.

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