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lumox® multiwell – The Multiwell Plat...  

Sarstedt lumox ® multiwell plates are film-based cell culture systems for automated analyses of fluorescence-based cell assays. The plates consist of a black polystyrene base in...
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96 Well Polystyrene Cell Culture Microplates  

96 Well Polystyrene Cell Culture Microplates are available in clear, black or white. • Free of detectable DNase, RNase, human DNA • non-pyrogenic, non-cytotoxic • Compatible with...
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BRAND 96, 384, 1536-well Plates  

BRAND 96, 384, 1536-well polystyrene and polypropylene microtitration plates are excellent for cell and tissue culture, sample storage, immunological assays, and other applications. ...
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BRANDplates® inertGrade™ Microplates for Cell Cu...  

BRANDplates® inertGrade™ 96-well plates are especially suited for cell culture applications when adhesion is not desired. These plates are specifically designed for the cultivation of...
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Fine View Culture Plates  

FineView precision microplates for observing and measuring cell growth A range of precision microplates and cell culture plates with different materials for growing and observing cells.
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Cell Culture Plates  

PetriWell - A family of optically enhanced cell culture plates specifically designed for Cell Biology and Bioimaging applications Made from a choice of EquiGlass or Polystyrene
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Clear Bottom Microtiter Microplates  

These clear bottom microplates are sterile and thus ready to cultivate bacteria and fungi. TC treatment makes them perfect for mammalian tissue culture with no need for chemical treatments.
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