350µL Shallow Well, White

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Whatman UNIFILTER 96 well microplates  

Whatman UNIFILTER microplates with 96 filter-bottom wells are convenient and ready to use. The glass filled polypropylene construction of the 2 ml UNIFILTER microplate permits chemical and...
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Deepwell LumaPlate-384, White, 60µl, Case of 50  

PerkinElmer’s uniquely designed LumaPlates come in 96-well (shallow or deepwell) and 384-deepwell format. The LumaPlate is a solid scintillator coated microplate that eliminates the...
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ProxiPlate Microplates  

The ProxiPlate is PerkinElmer’s shallow well Microplate, offering closer proximity to the analyzer’s detectors. Designed to miniaturize your assay and utilize cost reduction advantages. ...
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