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BRAND 96, 384, 1536-well Plates  

BRAND 96, 384, 1536-well polystyrene and polypropylene microtitration plates are excellent for cell and tissue culture, sample storage, immunological assays, and other applications. ...
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BRANDplates immunoGrade, hydroGrade™ and lipoGra...  

NEW immunoGrade™, hydroGrade™, and lipoGrade™ BRANDplates ® from BrandTech Scientific feature specially treated surfaces for use in a variety of immunological assays, such as ELISA, RIA,...
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96 Well Next Generation CrystalEX™ Microplates –...  

96 Well Next Generation CrystalEX™ Microplates – Specially Suited for Your Applications Multiple formats and versatility for custom options to maximize crystal formation, identification...
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Thermo Scientific 96 Well PCR Plates  

Full-, semi- or non-skirted 96-well PCR plates with different profiles. Ultra-rigid plates for robotic applications.
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Thermo Scientific Fast Block PCR Plate  

The Thermo Scientific 96-Well Semi-Skirted Plates, Fast Block hold a maximum of 0.1 mL of well volume when used in conjunction with adhesive and heat seals. The plates are directly...
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