High-Cell-Density Cultivation of Escherichia coli in a BIOSTAT® D-DCU 10-3 Stainless Steel Bioreactor
29 Oct 2014

Generally, stainless steel bioreactor systems are used for microbial fermentations because their design principles are well known. Consequently, there is a lot of experience and knowledge for these bioreactors resulting in their use over several decades. Furthermore, such bioreactors are available in a scalable range from laboratory to production scale, which enables easy process transfer and scale-up. BIOSTAT® D-DCU is a bioreactor for both microbial and cell culture applications, offering the capability of sterilization in place (SIP). This application note demonstrates the high-cell-density cultivation of Escherichia coli in a BIOSTAT® D-DCU 10-3 Bioreactor.

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