Culture Collection Systems

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ThinCert™ - Tissue Culture Inserts  

Greiner Bio-One’s – ThinCert Tissue Culture Inserts consist of a porous membrane support that are significant in that they form a two compartment system to readily mimic several in...
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Biosart® 100 Monitors  

The Biosart® 100 Monitors have been specifically designed for the detection and enumeration of microorganisms in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, beverages, water and other liquids. ...
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GE Healthcare's Nuclepore Track-Etched Membranes  

GE Healthcare's Nuclepore Cells can be readily grown on a matrix. This matrix needs to be a solid substrate which does not interact with the growth procedure of the cells and which...
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PowerLyzer 24 Bench Top Bead Based Homogenizer  

The PowerLyzer™ 24 Bench Top Bead-Based Homogenizer is a bead beating instrument uniquely designed for the most efficient and complete lysis and homogenization of any biological sample. ...
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Brilliance MRSA AGAR  

Brilliance™ MRSA is a new and improved chromogenic screening plate for MRSA. The medium combines excellent sensitivity with the simplicity of a chromogenic plate to create an invaluable...
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VAC BioStir  

Designed specifically for use with suspension culture flasks. The effortless motor provides uniform speeds for great results with cell culture or small fermentations. An easy-to-read...
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