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SelectScience Announces New Reviewers’ Choice Awards6 Feb 2015Read
Comprehensive Solutions for Genome Analysis and Synthetic Biology Projects Bioinformatics, Microbial Detection, NGS30 Oct 2014Read
USDA Acquires Protea's LAESI® Technology Platform to Identify and Screen Mycotoxins in Food Agriculture, Food Safety, Mycotoxins1 Oct 2014Read
VICAM Introduces the Afla-V AQUA, an Eco-Friendly Aflatoxin Testing Solution Food Testing, Aflatoxin20 Aug 2014Read
Campden BRI Conference to Highlight Hot Topics in Microbiology Food Safety, Microbial Detection, Food Contamination29 Jul 2014Read
In the News This Week: State-of-the-Art Food Testing, Monitoring Food-Borne Disease & Scientists’ Choice Awards Scientists Choice Awards, Cell Analysis, Food Fraud30 May 2014Read
Monitoring Food-Borne Disease Outbreaks in the U.S. Food Fraud28 May 2014Read
Thermo Fisher Scientific to Collaborate with USDA’s Agricultural Research Service and The Pennsylvania State University on Food Safety Testing Agriculture, Food Safety, Pathogen Detection20 May 2014Read
Salmonella Species PCR Assay Offers Validated Method for Fast, Simple Detection of Food Pathogens Salmonella, Food Safety, Food Testing12 May 2014Read
The Food-Borne Risk of Toxoplasmosis – Cats Aren’t the Only Culprits Food Fraud12 May 2014Read

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