Scanning Accessories

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Agilents High-Resolution C Scanner provides the advanced capabilities your laboratory needs to perform high-density microarray analysis. Optimized through SureScan High Resolution...
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Ozone-Barrier Slide Cover Kit  

Optimized through SureScan High Resolution Technology, the dynamic range is now 20X greater than other leading scanners. Seamless data processing and the industry™s first dynamic...
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Acuity® Enterprise Microarray Informatics Softwa...  

Acuity® 4 Enterprise Microarray Informatics Software from Molecular Devices makes enterprise microarray informatics accessible to everyone. From installing and maintaining databases,...
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ProScanArray HT Microarray Scanner  

ProScanArray HT 4 laser system is the premier high throughput instrument. Configured with red, green, blue and yellow lasers, a standard 20 slide autoloader, and the professional...
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Software for ProScanArray  

ProScanArray 3.0 upgrade ProScanArray Express 3.0
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Software for ScanArray  

ScanArray 3.0 upgrade ScanArray Express 3.0 ScanArray Express Software Upgrade
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VoxCell Scan  

VoxCell Scan® is a dedicated live cell imaging software from VisiTech International that enables the users of VT-Hawk, VT-QLC, VT-Eye, and Infinity series of products to have automated...
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