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Array Tube  
Alere International

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Our ArrayTube (AT) platform consists of a custom micro probe array (the biochip) integrated into a micro reaction vial. Depending on the individual assay, nucleic acid as well as protein...
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µ-Slide Angiogenesis, ibiTreat, tissue culture treated...  
AutoMate Scientific Inc.

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µ-Slide for cell microscopy on or in 3D-gel matrices, providing flat gel surfaces with a minimum of gel used • flat gel surface > all cells in focus • homogeneous 0.8mm thick gel layer •...
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µ-Slide Chemotaxis - ibiTreat, tissue culture treated,  

3 out of 5

AutoMate Scientific Inc.

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µ-Slide for stable gradients, 3 chambers on one slide for chemotaxis and migration assays • long term chemotaxis experiments with adherent cells • ready to use system, no assembling •...
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µ-Slide I - ibiTreat, tissue culture treated, sterile  
AutoMate Scientific Inc.

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Combination of a cell culture dish and a cover slip for imaging inside a channel • 100µl channel – small volume • suited for immunofluorescence • real time imaging during staining process...
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Micro Array Slide Spinner  

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Prior to scanning a micro array slide, it is necessary to remove all wash buffer. This drying step is critical to obtain the best possible scanning results. The Slide Spinner dries 2...
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