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Stabilization and Drying Solution  

Agilent™s proprietary Stabilization and Drying Solution is designed to substantially improve the performance of cyanine dye-labeled microarray slides. By preventing both wet and dry...
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BioMark 48.48 Dynamic Array - Real-Time PCR  

The 48.48 Dynamic Array - Real-Time PCR is the ideal solution to validate gene expression of a panel of genes against a large number of samples. With a dynamic array, high-throughput...
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BioMark 96.96 Dynamic Array - Gene Expression An...  

The BioMark™ 96.96 Dynamic Array - Gene Expression Analysis - provides the flexibility of a microwell plate and the density of a microarray in one easy-to-use, consumable integrated fluidic...
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CytoSure™ Cancer +SNP Array  

Reliable detection of copy number changes and loss of heterozygosity on a single array for haematological malignancies and solid cancers. The CytoSure Cancer +SNP array delivers: •...
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